You’ve got to be kidding. This is political naivete raised to Olympian proportions. Trump don’t gotta do nothin…except lie about everything and everyone. His base will slurp it up and then he’ll play excerpts of Bernie calling himself a socialist which will be Perry Mason saying “Judge, I rest my case”. Make no mistake, if Bernie gets the nomination I will work just as hard for him, but he’s certainly not my choice, for many of the reasons you use to support him. It really doesn’t matter what he says he will do or wants to do, that’s just white noise, like rush hour traffic. What counts is what he actually can do, and so far over the decades his “can do” record is pretty threadbare. What really worries me about a Sanders term though is what will happen with his fervent followers when they finally get the fact that he’s a politician. Will they get cynical and drop out or can they stay engaged, even when disappointed?

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